User Journey
A first-use experience visualized in an interaction mapping.
When a user operates a product for the first time, they often encounter situations that annoy, please or even completely surprise them.
In this case, reactions during the first-use were documented, analyzed and compared in chronological order using an interaction mapping.
Blood Glucose Meter
The entire first use was captured on multiple levels. Since the user was constantly prompted to reveal their thoughts and feelings through the think-aloud method, all actions and interactions could be documented. After the user successfully measured their own blood sugar level, they were interviewed to record their impressions and clarify any uncertainties.
For the interaction mapping, all of the user's statements were transcribed. The interactions with the product were divided into individual phases and key moments. During these phases, the user sometimes experienced a "moment of truth" or extreme emotional depth. These spikes in positive and negative emotions were visually highlighted.
The process was divided into several phases, and the interactions with the product were represented in the form of vector graphics. Key moments were divided into three levels: "Doing", "Thinking" and "Saying".
The emotion curve represents the user's feelings. The interaction mapping was printed on a 2.10 meter long poster that is read from left to right and represents the user's impressions on all levels of perception.
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