Reinventing how we interact with notifications.
The average person checks their smartphone 144 times a day. Fear of missing out drives us to check every ten minutes on average. Notifications, unpredictable and overwhelming, disrupt our focus at work and moments of relaxation.
Noto categorizes and spatially assigns notifications, offering you control over when and where you receive them. In the home office, where personal and professional boundaries blur, Noto brings predictability and calmness to your digital interactions.
Organize Messages
Create personalized mailboxes for your specific needs. Next, assign them to designated rooms within your home. Within the rooms, dedicated message stations serve as hubs for storing and managing the corresponding notifications. This establishes distinct analogue boundaries for your digital world, ensuring a focused environment.
Store and fetch messages
When a station is activated, it grows with each notification stored. When you're ready to focus on your messages, simply push the top part down. This action clears the station and transfers the notifications to your devices. Rotate the top to deactivate the station when you're awaiting messages and prefer them delivered directly rather than stored.
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